Real Life Agent Based Experiments

One of the motivations of this site, is to enable web-based economic experiments. In particular we have developed an experimental environment in the area of price formation in markets.

The experimental framework has been developed so that a human ‘Instructor’ sets up instances of the available experiments. Once set up, the instructor can Open for Registering, where registered ‘players’ may begin to register in order to participate in the open instance. Next the Instructor may Start Playing, until the end condition of the experiment is met. Instructors may also reset the instance and start playing over again.

To become an Instructor, please first register as a User and then you may ask to become an Instructor here. We only require that you provide a comprehensive idea of your motivations to participate in the experiments we developed. After approval, you may continue to test our framework.

To contact us in order to experiment please send an email to info (at)

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