Players Notes

To participate in an experiment you should follow these hint.

Each experiment has a total duration setup by the Instructor (and it might be unknown to the player). On each time step the application will show the following information:

Once the players clicks ‘Send’, the application will refresh the screen and could show a message (upper right corner) indicating the percentage of other players which did not play yet. It is important at this point, try not to press refresh as the application is in itself monitoring when you can play the next movement. Recall that most experiments need a syncronous update. This waiting should las at most 1-2 minutes.Once all players picked their move, the screen is refreshed and a new time step is started.

The player will know the experiment finished if after sending the data, the refresh shows a new table with the recent statistics done by you.

You may also download the data into a text file, or show some graph (if your browser admits Flash). Also a players ranking is generated.