Instructor Notes

In order to participate as an Instructor, you should become familiar with a couple of details. It is advisable to print this notes.

How to become an instructor

To become an instructor you must first register as a User filling the Signup form. Next, you must complete the Instructor form, giving good reasons why you may want to become an instructor. After some time, we will give you an answer, and if positive, you will be granted the Instructor level. The reason for this screening is to enhance the fidelility of the data collected in these experiments.

Creating new instances

Once you become an instuctor, you may go to the Instructors area /instructors, where a list of all the available instructors is shown, together with the Open experiments. Clicking on one of the instructors, you move into the instructors instance.

If you have been accepted as an Instructor, you should see a link to “Create new experiment instance under my supervision”. This is the entry point to setup a new instance. Depending on the experiment you may have define

Don’t worry if you are not sure on some particular value, you may change all the data in the instance later.

Administering an instance

Once the instance is created, you may enter the Administration area of the experiment. In this area you may:

For more detail instructions on the setup of the experiments, please refer here.